How to Get Yards to Mow? 8 Proven Ways to Get More Yards to Mow & More

Want to turn your passion for lawn care into a thriving business? One of the most important steps is to acquire new yards to mow. But where do you start? How do you attract new customers and grow your client base?

As a professional lawnmower, I struggled quite a bit initially. Most people mow their own yards, and even if they don’t, there is already enough competition out there. 

But surely, that isn’t enough reason to give up – I just needed to find some techniques to get yards to mow. And after digging for days, I found seven! 

As it turns out, the key here is to advertise yourself and build connections. You will only hire someone if they are trustworthy and experienced enough. So, showcase yourself, and make sure to provide your services at a reasonable rate. 

Those are just the highlights – the details are below. From creative marketing strategies to providing exceptional service, I’ll show you how to take your business to new heights and make every yard mow count. 

Are you ready to turn your lawn care dreams into reality? Let’s dive in and learn how to get more yards to mow!

8 Ways to Getting Yards to Mow

To get yards to mow, you need to use the right techniques. And that is exactly what I will be elaborating on right here. 

1. Personal Website 

What is the most effective method of getting yards to mow? – owning a personal website. If you were looking for a lawnmower yourself, what would you prefer – someone who can advertise their services well or someone without any information? 

A personal website allows you to show your potential consumers what you can offer. They can also get in touch through your personal website if you have showcased your email or have a chat box included. 

Overall, a personal website is a great platform for advertisement and communication. So, get someone to build one for you – and you will be raided by offers soon. 

2. Get Active On Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for any business looking to acquire new customers and grow its client base. By actively engaging with potential customers on social media platforms, you can increase brand awareness, build trust, and ultimately, get more yards to mow.

Here are a few ways to get active on social media and attract new customers for your lawn care business:

Create a Business Profile: 

First and foremost, create a business profile on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This will allow potential customers to find and learn more about your business.

Share High-Quality Content: 

Share high-quality content that showcases your lawn care services and the benefits of choosing your business. This can include before and after photos, testimonials from satisfied customers, and helpful tips for maintaining a healthy lawn.

Engage With Your Followers: 

Respond to comments and messages, and engage with your followers by asking questions, starting discussions, and sharing interesting content. This will help to build trust and a sense of community with potential customers.

Use Paid Advertising: 

Consider using paid advertising on social media platforms to reach a larger audience and attract new customers. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer targeted advertising options that allow you to reach specific demographics and areas.

Utilize Hashtags: 

Use relevant hashtags to make your content more discoverable to potential customers who are searching for lawn care services in your area.

3. Get a Personalized Vehicle 

What grabs someone’s attention the most when they are on the streets? Vans with a name and logo on it. In this case, your fame or popularity does not come into play because the main purpose is to grab people’s attention. 

This will expose you to a wide range of customer base. Now, I am not saying you will always drive around people who have yards that you could mow. But this will surely increase your chances of being exposed to people like that. 

Not to mention, vans with personalized tags and logos are always impressive – so invest in one to get numerous offers. 

4. Discounts and Giveaways 

We have discussed two methods of grabbing the attention of potential customers. Now let’s talk about how you can attract them. As a start-up, or a small business, many offer discounts and giveaways to get customers. 

Everyone likes to pay half the price for services – especially when it is something like mowing a lawn. So, if you start by providing discounts or complementary services, then you will attract many consumers. 

This will help you build a strong consumer base – and before you know it, you will have loyal customers who would only prefer this service from you. 

5. Get Hired by a Company 

Want to get many yards to mow without putting in the effort? Start applying to companies that offer these services. They will do all the work for you – advertise, find you work, so you won’t have to do anything. 

Just make sure you are getting paid a fair wage for this. Now, obviously, you cannot expect a company to pay you what you would have made on your own. But it is still a good start. 

Once you have made enough connections, you can start your own business or become a freelancer in this field instead of sticking to the company. 

6. Spread Word of Mouth 

The most effective method that does not get enough credit? – Word of mouth. When it comes to services such as lawn mowing, most people like to take suggestions from their friends and families instead of trusting the internet. 

Therefore, what you can do is build connections. For that, you can ask your friends to spread the word; you can ask your relatives to recommend you to those who need the service. 

As per our previous method, you can also get hired by a company and make enough connections yourself. Just make sure you are promoting your own services instead of that of the company. 

7. Local Advertisements 

Here is a technique that will cost you the most but won’t require much of an effort – newspaper and local advertisements. You can see that often, in your newspapers, there is a small section that promotes such service providers. 

You can invest in that for yourself as well. This technique will get you many middle-aged/old consumers, because such newspaper publishing are mostly popular amidst them. 

If you want, you can also invest in television advertisements, but that might be a bit too costly. 

8. Leaflets and Flyers 

If you are living in a small town, then using leaflets and flyers would also be effective. You can also get very creative with this – involving many designs, information, etc. 

However, this is quite an old technique and many people do not prefer this anymore. So, unless you have the upper hand in using these, try to go for the other methods. 

You can also resort to posters if you want; they can also be rather effective and grab the attention of a wider base of customers. 

What Do People Look For in Professional Lawnmowers? 

To get yards to mow, it is important to make yourself more presentable to those who are hiring. Hence, we will be getting into what people look for in professional lawnmowers right here.


When representing yourself in front of your clients, do flaunt your expertise. People would want lawnmowers to handle their yards professionally – so put emphasis on your years of experience. However, do not lie about it. 


People are more prone to handing projects to enthusiastic service providers. You should show enthusiasm towards the work that you do – whether you do it as a side hustle, a hobby, or a professional career. 

Good Customer Service 

Rudeness and bad customer service can put a negative impact on someone’s popularity. No matter how good your service is, if your behavior is not well with your customers, then your offers will decline significantly. 

Proper Communication 

Communicate with your customers – what do they want to be done with their lawns, how they want it, what are they expecting, etc. Consumers expect proper communication from every service provider, so don’t overlook it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make money doing yard work? 

To make money doing yard work, you should charge more than you spend – that is the only path toward profit. Make sure to be strict with the payment policy and accept as many offers as you can. 

2. What is the most efficient pattern to mow a lawn? 

The most efficient pattern for mowing a lawn is the spiral pattern. In this pattern, you start at the border of the yard and then eventually spiral your way to the middle. 

3. How can I speed up my lawn mowing? 

If you want to speed up your lawn mowing, then you should resort to the row pattern. You can choose to mow in horizontal rows if your lawn is wide, and if it is just longer, then go vertical. 

Final Words 

In conclusion, acquiring new yards to mow is crucial for any lawn care business looking to grow and succeed. 

By implementing strategies such as networking, marketing, providing exceptional service, and getting active on social media, you can attract new customers and increase your revenue. 

Remember to have a clear message and a professional image and be consistent. Remember also to be creative and think outside the box. With the right approach and determination, you can turn your lawn care business into a thriving enterprise with many yards to mow.

Knowing how to get yards to mow is just the start – you actually have to implement these techniques. Don’t expect offers to come to you without doing any work for them. Just believe in yourself, and let your consumers believe in you too.

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