How To Keep Leaves From Blowing Out From Mower Deck?

Does your lawn look as if a storm had blown over and strewn leaves only on your property? What is more, you have just mowed it!

Do you want to spend every mowing aftermath crouching down to clean up the mess? Who wants to waste their off days doing extra work? 

Besides, have you ever experienced cut leaves or debris getting in your mouth point blank when mowing? Believe me; it spoils your mood when repeated. 

The issue is with the machine, so you better know how to keep leaves from blowing out from the mower deck. 

You can avoid the painstaking leaves confetti by inspecting the mower deck. Some solutions involve slowing the speed, dropping the height, detaching extra blades, etc. 

I will tell you more in detail below. 

Reasons Why Leaves Blow Out From The Mower

Most lawnmower owners use the machine without really understanding its mechanism. Since it does the job for you, we do not perceive further than mowing and mulching. 

Yet everything changes when you realize a mower is not supposed to let grass and debris fly everywhere during the operation. What technical problem causes such a disaster? 

Let me unravel some issues so you know why dust particles and leaves are showering your house and property in unison.  

1. Not Enough Throttle

I hope you know what throttle does to a machine. A piece of equipment cannot regulate the engine speed or fuel consumption without proper throttle function. 

This component ensures the blades run at the given speed to deliver the best performance. Otherwise, the grass blades will not be cut sharply. 

So, what happens if the throttle power reduces? The mower will experience auto blade rotation demanding gas. 

This sudden action causes debris and grass to blow out of proportion, leaving you in a momentary stupor. 

2. Excessive Mower Blades

Any large-capacity lawnmower equips more than two blades. Some even offer seven! 

Although the-more-the-merrier phrase suits reasonably for commercial areas, they are downright superfluous for private lawns with sufficient size. 

Too many blades produce extreme wind power underneath, making the leaves and scraps confounded and flown all over the place. 

You can live by two horizontal and a high blade for household turfs. 

3. Improper Gator Blade Installation

Gator blades are also known as mulching blades. Their job is to cut the grass blades precisely, followed by recirculation in the deck. 

These blades are super sharp when installed correctly. Nevertheless, many might make an error by fitting the wide teeth in opposite directions. 

Now that blunder will not just fail to do the task properly but also drop mulched leaves on the ground. 

4. Collection Bag with a Narrow Opening

Even when I knew my lawnmower well enough to fix it myself, I overlooked a simple factor. I have forgotten to inspect the mower bag at half-time. 

You see, the mower decides to blow out leaves everywhere, including your face at times when the bag opening is compromised. 

Perhaps some twigs got caught there, or leaves have blocked the area. It will prevent the rest of the operation from a nightmare unless you clear them off the opening path. 

Ways to Keep Leaves from Blowing Out from the Mower

Knowing the whys can often help comprehend what procedure to take. Hence, let us put behind the uncomfortable mess cleaning after every mowing mission by learning some tricks. 

1. Slow Down First

Maybe you love driving your vehicle fast, which I advise against for safety reasons. However, that does not entail speeding up every motorized piece of equipment within your grasp. 

Sometimes, slowing down allows a machine to perform at its best. 

The speedy engine to mow fast will cause fly-high leaves everywhere instead of the collection bag.  

Here is how you maneuver the speed-

  • Self-propelled/conventional – squeeze the lever.
  • Toro mowers – push the handlebars. 

Another way to slow the speed is by adding belt pulleys to the wheels. It will create a stable momentum, permitting volunteer grass circulation in the deck.

2. Remove a Few Pads

You may know them as spacers as well. Most commercial mowers include up to five pads. They provide a quarter of an inch space between the blade and the fan. 

Did you know you can detach one or two of these components using the proper tools? There will not be any performance issues apart from swift movement by the mower. 

The machine attains better accessibility on the grass surface to maintain a balanced height during trimming. In short, everything will go onto the deck instead of partying on the lawn.

3. Take Out Some Excess Blades

In general, a regular lawnmower consists of up to seven blades, while others have three to six. 

The outcome is inevitable with a greater number of blades – higher wind production when utilized fully. 

The elements and debris will fly about where there is strong wind flow. Imagine a cyclone and how it affects the region with its wind power. 

So, what is the solution here? The answer depends on how often you mow your lawn. Are you a regular mower person to maintain an average grass height? Perhaps it is time to cut down the blade counts into three or four. 

It might probe the mowed leaves back into the mower bag rather than blowing out to the world. 

4. Opt For A Curved Lawn Mower

This might be an expensive investment for some operators, as it suggests purchasing a different mower. 

I recommend going for a cup-shaped or curved case in a mower deck. It offers more depth and prevents berserk leaves from blowing out and ruin your day. 

Additional Tips To Prevent Leaves From Blowing Out From Under The Mower Deck

Here are some other ways you can help prevent leaves from blowing out from under the mower deck while you are mowing:

Use A Bagging Attachment

If your mower is equipped with a bagging attachment, it can help catch the leaves as you mow and prevent them from blowing out.

Mow When The Leaves Are Dry

Dry leaves are more likely to blow out under the mower deck than damp leaves. Try to mow your lawn when the leaves are dry to help prevent this from happening.

Use A Mulching Blade 

A mulching blade is designed for chopping the leaves into very small pieces, which can help to prevent them from blowing out.

Mow In A Different Direction

Changing the direction in which you mow can help to prevent the leaves from blowing out, as the wind will not be blowing in the same direction as you are mowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to keep the mower deck from rusting?

The machine can accumulate various particles, moisture, and dirt under the deck. Leaving them without treatment can lead to corrosion. 

Choose a quality mower deck protectant or spray after each operation to avoid rust formation. 

2. Why is there a strip of grass on the lawn when mowing? 

This means the mower blade is not installed correctly. The misaligned blades cause minimal efficiency, leaving a strip line of grass. Adjust the blades to prevent it from happening. 

3. Should my mower Deck touch the ground?

It is generally recommended for the mower deck of a lawn mower to have a slight clearance from the ground when mowing. This allows the mower to effectively cut the grass without scalping or damaging the lawn.

The exact amount of clearance will depend on the specific mower you are using and the condition of your lawn.

You may need to adjust the deck height to achieve the optimal cutting height for your lawn. Refer to the owner’s manual for your mower to determine the proper deck height setting.

4. Why does my mower deck leave a strip of grass?

There are several potential reasons why your mower deck might leave a strip of uncut grass:

  • The blade may be dull or damaged. A dull blade will tear the grass rather than cut it cleanly, which can result in a strip of uncut grass.
  • The blade may not be properly balanced. An unbalanced blade can cause the mower to vibrate, which can result in missed cuts.
  • The mower deck may not be level. If the deck is not level, it can cause the blade to cut unevenly, resulting in a strip of uncut grass.
  • The blade spindle or blade belt may be damaged. If the blade is not spinning properly, it can result in missed cuts.
  • The blade may not be installed correctly. Make sure that the blade is tightened securely and properly aligned.

If you have ruled out these potential issues and the problem persists, it may be necessary to have a professional diagnose and repair the mower.

5. What do I spray under my mower deck?

It is generally not necessary to spray anything under the mower deck. However, if you want to prevent grass clippings from sticking to the underside of the deck, you can use a spray lubricant such as WD-40 or a silicone-based lubricant.

These types of lubricants can help to loosen any grass clippings that might be stuck to the deck and make it easier to clean.

Keep in mind that you should avoid using an oil-based lubricant, as it can attract dirt and debris and potentially cause damage to the mower.

Make sure to use a lubricant that is specifically designed for use on lawnmowers. It is important to keep the underside of the mower deck clean to ensure that the mower is operating efficiently.

Use a putty knife or a flat scraper to remove any built-up grass clippings and use a brush or cloth to remove any remaining debris.

Final Words

Hopefully, my guide on keeping leaves from blowing out from the mower deck helps you resolve the dynamic, messy problem. 

Just thinking about cleaning up everything manually hurts my back already. So, have fun fixing the gear, folks!

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