How To Make Cup Holder For Lawn Mower? 4 Easy Ways Explained

Suppose it is a peaceful summer day, and you decide to take mowing to the next level. The task involves hours of focus and effort.

You are bound to crave water or a drink. Can you stop the machine every after half hour to visit the kitchen and hydrate yourself? It just sounds too exhausting.

Once I found several resolutions to this problem, I knew I had to share them with you fellows! Do you want to know how to make a cup holder for lawn mower to stop constant trips to the house?

There is more than one way you can go about it. All are DIY-based techniques, of course. Some opt for a cardboard box, while others prefer a magnetic holder. You can even hang a tin can to store a beer bottle!

It is time for me to show you how things are done the nifty way.

Make a Cup Holder for a Lawn Mower: 4 Clever Ways

How about I start with the complex method and then move on to the easy ones? The first option is a smart construction of a bottle holder, without a doubt.

Whatever ways you pick, remember to attach the holder with the mower based on its type. You may have to change the position depending on whether it is a riding or a push mower.

1. Using Magnets and Plywood

Welcome to the witty, crafty domain that will test your design talent. Your initial move is to gather the items needed for this method.

The magnetic cup holder is a superb addition to a riding lawn mower as it will have to stand on a plain metal surface.

  • Prepare The Materials

Grab these items to achieve a cool DIY magnetic dual-cup holder. I would not mind keeping a stash of candies in one, though. It is just a thought.

  • Four 5- by 7-inch plywood pieces (3/4-inch width)
    • Four strong magnets (1/2-inch)
    • Strong glue for wood or tape (double-sided)
    • Sandpapers
    • Wood stains/coloring (as per your preference)
    • A drill with a spade bit/Forstner bit/hole saws (3-inch diameter)
  • Make Two Holes

Take three plywood pieces and use the drill with the right bit to form two holes. Each should be a 3-inch diameter.

Make sure the spacing between the two holes in each piece is even. While the 3-inch diameter is the ideal size for any beverage holder, you can choose to create a smaller or bigger diameter.

Sand the cuts to smoothen around the edges.

I stained mine with a wood color afterward; you can give it a try for a more grunge look.

  • Glue The Plywood Pieces

Take the fourth piece that you did not cut out and place it at the bottom. Add a layer of adhesive and place the other three pieces one by one. Make sure each piece has sufficient glue in between.

Put a heavy weight on the top and let it dry overnight.

You will notice the glue has stuck neatly after 24 hours. You should sand the whole setup inside and out for a smooth finish.

  • Attach the Magnets

Keeping approx. one-inch distance from the four corners at the base, mark each corner. Now drill holes on the marked points slightly longer than a half-inch.

It will allow the top end of the magnet piece to level with the base.

Insert glue in each hole to stick the magnet permanently. Wait till the adhesive has dried.

  • Set the Holder onto the Mower

Your DIY gadget is ready to use! Place it directly on the metallic body, and the magnets will grab onto it for dear life. Enjoy a drink or two while mowing.

2. Using Cardboard Box

Do you find plywood pieces a hassle to work with? No worries there, for I have just the solution for you using readily available items.

This option is highly regarded for push mowers if you own one.

  • Grab These Things

You will need very few items for this procedure. Here is the list-

  • Cardboard box with top and bottom flaps cut off (do not throw away the flaps)
    • Roll of duct tape
    • Piece of a slim bamboo/wood
    • A pair of scissors/ante cutter
    • Two zip ties
    • A drill
    • A Marker 
  • Prepare the Cardboard Box

Did you remove the flaps? Then proceed to cover both sides with duct tape. It will look like a pretty long rectangular shape.

Now you have to measure the bottle holding capacity. Wrap a sizeable bottle with the cardboard up until it covers fully.

Mark where the board edge stops to form a cylinder.

Use more tape to attach the marked section with the cardboard edge you rolled first. You can either cut the rest or wrap it all to shape it into a robust cylinder.

  • Block the Rear Section of the Cylinder

Remember those flaps you cut? Use one of them to cover the rear end. Use duct tape to attach it well. Try folding the sides before taping them all around.

  • Attach the Holder to the Handles

Now create four measured holes on the holder according to how you want to attach it to the mower. Utilize the zip ties to tie it to the mower handle in an upright position.

There you go!

3. Using a Tin Can

You can even use a clean tin can and attach it to the push mower handle using zip ties. However, it may only hold slim-shaped beverage bottles.

Still, you have to give credit for the creativity. To make a cup holder for a lawn mower using a tin can, you will need:

  • A tin can (such as a soda can or soup can)
  • Scissors or a can opener
  • A drill or a nail and hammer
  • A piece of wire or string


  1. Clean and dry the tin can.
  2. Use scissors or a can opener to remove the top and bottom of the can.
  3. Use a drill or a nail and hammer to make two holes on opposite sides of the can, near the top.
  4. Thread a piece of wire or string through the holes and tie it securely to form a handle.
  5. Place the can in a convenient location on your lawn mower and use it to hold your drink while mowing the lawn.

Please note that you should always be careful when operating a lawn mower and you should not drink and operate heavy machinery.

4. Buy a Readymade One

If DIY craftsmanship is not your forte, you can always buy a cup holder for your mower. They are cheap, around ten to twenty bucks. Do not worry about taking the shortcut it rather makes you a rational human being.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are DIY magnetic cup holders reliable for riding mowers?

It relies on your workmanship and magnetic strength. Ensure the magnets are of superior quality to cling at all times to the metallic surface of the mower.

  • Can you make a vibration-proof cup holder for a mower?

Unfortunately, it is an impossible task since the mower will shake and reverberate while operating. Any cup holder attached to the machine will also vibrate alongside. 

  • Is it a good idea to put a cup holder on a lawn mower?

It is not a good idea to put a cup holder on a lawn mower. Operating a lawn mower requires your full attention and both hands should be used to operate the machine safely.

Having a cup holder on a lawn mower may create a distraction and increase the risk of injury. Additionally, hot liquids may spill and cause burns or damage to the machine.

It is always best to avoid any distractions and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines when operating any heavy machinery.

  • What if I want to do it anyway?

If you choose to put a cup holder on your lawn mower despite my warning, it is important to exercise extra caution while operating the machine.

You should not drink or hold anything while mowing the lawn and you should always keep both hands on the machine to maintain control.

Keep in mind that any modification to the lawn mower can also void the manufacturer’s warranty and in case of any accident or injury the manufacturer or the insurance company could deny the coverage.

It is important to remember that operating a lawn mower is a potentially dangerous activity, and all safety precautions should be taken to avoid injury.

Wrapping Up

The final outcome may not appear as aesthetic as you hoped, but at least you have made something out of scraps! It will help you beat the heat as you mow your lawn for hours.

Did you like my techniques to how to make a cup holder for lawn mower? Do not forget to share your proud invention with me to marvel together.

Keep up your workflow, and cheers!

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