How To Remove Sand From Lawn?

Everyone enjoys walking bare feet on sand at the beach, right? Well, have you ever felt sand between your feet while walking on the lawn?

I’m sure you didn’t get the same heart-warming feeling. Sand can really damage the lawn’s quality and ruin your garden. So, instead of brainstorming sand castle builds, you end up wondering how to remove sand from the lawn. 

The quickest way to remove sand is to grab your garden hose, put it on full pressure, and power wash all the dirt. You can even use a gardening rake if you don’t own a high-pressure garden hose.

I’ll elaborate on these methods and more if you have the patience to read the rest of the article. If you really care about maintaining your lawn, I’d suggest you grab a chair and put on your reading glasses.

Ways To Remove Sand From Lawn

Sand accumulation is never a good thing for the plants or grass on your lawn. It can hinder the nutrients from reaching the grass.

If the sand settles for an extended period, it can damage the grass over time. So, the best solution is to get rid of all the sand, and in this segment, I’m going to tell you the best ways to do that.

A Rake Can Work Wonders

You will hardly find a gardener who doesn’t have a rake in their tool shed. This traditional tool is the easiest to use. It comes with a rake head made of steel that is shaped to drag sand, leaves, and debris. Although it takes some manual effort, it’s an ideal tool to get rid of sand from your lawn.

Step 1

Before you start using the rake, you must learn how to position your body to get the best out of your effort. Otherwise, you will just make your lawn messier. You must place your strong foot in front and keep the weak foot in a stable position. Stoop your shoulder a little for maximum reach and start raking.

Step 2

The best option is to collect all the dust and sand in a particular place in the yard. Make sure you deposit all the sand in a single pile. This will make disposing the sand much easier in the end.

Step 3

Pick a specific spot on your lawn to deposit the sand. You can use the rake head to dig through the soil and make a hole. The hole should be at least a few feet deep. If the hole isn’t deep enough, you might need to dig another one to deposit the rest of the sand. You don’t want to ruin too much of your yard for this.

Step 4

I recommend creating the hole as close to the sand pile as possible. This will make this next step much simpler. Attempt dragging the sand with the rake and transfer the sand to the hole. You should only try to do this when the wind isn’t blowing too fast. Otherwise, it can send the sand flying all over your lawn.

Put The Garden Hose To Good Use

You can’t just use any garden hose for this method. There is specific high-pressure hoses that allow you to power wash the lawn. I don’t suggest doing this in normal circumstances, as it can damage the lawn with the pressure it exerts.

However, this is the fastest way to get rid of all the sand at once. Keep in mind that you should only implement this method if there is an abundance of sand covering your lawn.

Step 1

Your first task is to connect the high-pressure hose to a nearby water supply source. Any type of water source will do as long as the water is clean of impurities. Double check to make sure there are no leaks. Inspect the water inlet filter as well and remove any dirt or sand that might get stuck inside.

Step 2

Once you take care of all the leaks, you can turn on the water supply. This will send water rushing through the hose and eliminate any air pockets. I’ll suggest waiting for a few minutes before you start washing the sand away. Only start hosing the lawn when the engine operating at its peak.

Step 3

All you need to do now is apply pressure on the trigger. This will generate maximum pressure and spray the water directly on the lawn. Direct the hose where the sand has settled the most. You will notice the water washing the sand away in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sand should I use on my lawn?

The best way to dress the top of your lawn is to use sharp sand. This can improve your yard’s aesthetics without blocking the nutrients. However, you should only add them in limited amounts if you don’t want to damage the plants in your garden.

2. Is sand good for leveling lawns?

One of the main reasons to dress your lawn with sand is to level it. Sometimes you might notice some uneven patches on your yard. This can make mowing a lot more difficult than you might imagine. Sand is an ideal top dressing because it’s easier to disperse and easy to remove as well.

3. Can I wash the sand away?

Yes, it’s very easy to wash the sand away using just a garden hose. This is basically the quickest way to remove sand. It’s much lighter compared to other forms of topsoil. Hence, you can use a high-pressure hose to get rid of all the sand in your lawn in a matter of minutes.

4. Can germs live on sand?

Sand is a suitable habitat for plenty of pathogens no matter where it settles. You will notice a variety of germs living on sand if you look through a microscope. The most common germs among them are bacteria. That’s why getting rid of sand accumulation on your lawn is recommended as soon as possible.


I have described the best methods that answer the everlasting question of how to remove sand from the lawn. Even if it’s your first day as a gardener, I’m sure you will find these instructions simple and effective. Make sure you follow all the steps chronologically and only use the right tools for the process.

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